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Pclinuxos2007 Samba Server Settings Cannot Set Passwords


Now do a smbclient //localhost/[SHARE] and see the bug. Windows 95/98/Me clients use a method inherited from Microsoft's LAN Manager network software. Read the /kubuntu/forum/feisty/network/smb/samba/etc and you will see what we mean. Otherwise, the host will not be allowed.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Join Date Nov 2007 Location Croatia Beans 65 DistroUbuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Re: Cant browse windows shares Did you try leave that field empty? We present winbind in this chapter not as a means of improving security, but rather as a further example of Samba's ability to integrate itself into a modern Windows environment. I put in the computer name\printer name and removed the IP address and it still prints. (2 HP printers on XP machine)I'm trying to customize it, now. https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch09.html

Samba Configuration In Linux Step By Step

In addition, you can use the Unix username variable %u and/or the client username variable %U in your options as well. I can connect to an SMB share. I can browse my shares with a bit of tinkering, but that's not the issue. Have you set it up as user access / shared access have you created samba users on your linux systems so that the users can login?

This is very easy to do with Samba because it contains a wealth of options for creating practically any security configuration. For example: [sales] path = /home/sales comment = Sedona Real Estate Sales Data read only = yes write list = sofie shelby The write list option cannot override Unix permissions. The [ homes] Section If a client attempts to connect to a share that doesn't appear in the smb.conf file, Samba will search for a [homes] share in the configuration file. Samba Users I just know a lot of people that want to go on in life and like/love the linux/kubuntu/ubuntu, etc environement.

S 19:14 0:00 /usr/sbin/winbindd root 5992 0.0 0.1 8080 1304 ? But samba should kindfully ignore OBVIOUS misconfiguration! (Or would "no" ever be judged a valid network path to a CIFS share?) Fred Hermanns (fintan) wrote on 2007-05-26: #33 I am not Let's continue building the configuration file and create an empty disk share called [data]. Get More Information This service (and its / > etc/pam.d/passwd configuration file) controls how the passwd > command interacts with PAM.

This > can be done using the net command: > # net join member --U adminuser > > When you type this command, adminuser is the username of an > administrative Smb.conf Location If a user invokes the passwd command, the password he uses to log in to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system as well as the password he must provide to But what are the security implications? Account Flags This field consists of 11 characters between two braces ( [ ] ).

Smb.conf Valid Users

Once each user has connected at least once, you can set encrypted passwords = yes, allowing you to use only the encrypted passwords. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=903414 This response is actually two items: the variable %o represents the old password, while the \n is a newline character. Samba Configuration In Linux Step By Step Changes at runtime You can modify the smb.conf configuration file and any of its options at any time while the Samba daemons are running. Samba Browseable I think you should look at the Samba By Example or the official How- To on samba.org If you then have problems/questions please post them here.

Is this duplication normal, or does it indicate some configuration issue I should look at? MSDFS is a distributed filesystem feature that is unlikely to be used in a SOHO or home environment, where the GUI Is most likely to be used. I tried to KDE menu-select System>Configuration>Configure Your Computerlog in with root passwordselect hardware, then Set up the printer(s), the print job queues..Then, the computer crashed. · actions · 2007-May-27 3:38 pm After all samba has been around for a while. Samba Configuration Ubuntu

We've configured very basic event logging to use a log file not to exceed 1MB in size. I've booted my desktop in Windows and I can't access the laptop from there either. Finally, the bind interfaces only option instructs the nmbd process not to accept any broadcast messages other than on the subnets specified with the interfaces option. Samba then checks the password provided by the client against user alice's Unix password—either with the password database file if it's using nonencrypted passwords or with Samba's smbpasswd file if encrypted

The plus sign and ampersand can be used together to specify whether NIS or Unix groups are searched first. Samba Create Mask Likewise, 16 would be equivalent to a netmask of, and 8 would be the same as a netmask of SambaNext


The default value for this option is no.

Configuration File Options You can instruct Samba to include or replace configuration options as it is processing them. N This account has no password associated with it. You can specify the location of such a file as follows: [global] hosts equiv = /etc/hosts.equiv The default value for this option does not specify any hosts.equiv file. Smb.conf Example I am simply using (or was using) the samba client to browse files on my network.

These host-specific configuration files can contain an encrypted passwords = yes option that activates only when those clients are connecting to the server. No unfortunately I have never done this as far as I'm aware of - although I am not quite certain what you mean. dmizerJune 6th, 2008, 04:04 PMyes, if windows can see ubuntu ... Changed in samba: importance: Undecided → Medium status: New → Triaged status: Incomplete → Fix Released Chris K√§lin (ck1) wrote on 2007-07-04: #43 Thanks for your work Alexey!

If a [homes] share exists, the unresolved share name is assumed to be a Unix username. guest only This share-level option (also called only guest) forces a connection to a share to be performed with the user specified by the guest account option. It then attempts to validate the password given in association with that username. When it reads the definition of the [test] share, it then finds the configuration option read only = yes and overrides the default from the [global] section with the value yes.

There are tangible benefits to doing this. This option also can be used with variables. One caveat: when using this option, you still need an account representing that user on the regular Samba server. The share maps to the directory /export/samba/data on the Samba server.