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You signed in with another tab or window. PostgreSQL packaging on Mac OS X is a mess It appears to me - based primarily on what I see on Stack Overflow rather than direct Mac use experience - that OK, how the hell do I run this script? Also, check the Postgres versions. –Hank Gay Jun 14 '10 at 16:18 I can't try importing it on the same machine, because it's a production machine.

Um, ok. There's "CREATE script" but that doesn't do what I want, and there's no "from script" in "new object". Returns *type = EOF * if at EOF. */ static void _readBlockHeader(ArchiveHandle *AH, int *type, int *id) { lclContext *ctx = (lclContext *) AH->formatData; int byt; /* * Note: if we Time to restore our data.So close, then it hangs!I create the target database in PgAdmin-III, right-click on it, and choose "Restore". have a peek here

I view this a as a major bug, as unless the user tests their backups on a completely clean install they'll think a backup is complete when it isn't. Extremely handy Java debugging trick Adventures in Eclipse-land - Coming to Eclipse fro... It doesn't help that PgAdmin-III uses the file extension .backup. which I won't claim is user friendly (what with the normal/expected error message, the need to restore globals separately, the need to use 'nix style forward slashes in paths in \i,

byRobert Treat 1644views PostgreSQL 9.5 - Major Features byInMobi Technology 943views Greatdebate Postgres vs Mysql byKrishna Infosoft 7834views Pro Postgres 9 byRobert Treat 4870views Database Scalability Patterns byRobert Treat 13434views Share Even once they figure out that they need to care about the first error message only, because the others are just consequences of the first?How are they supposed to have a Postgres 8.4 / PSQL / Enum Values • Display enum options when displaying enum types pagila=# dT+ mpaa_rating List of data types Schema | Name | Internal name | Size | At 4:46, the restore finishes, as this is a pretty small database on a fast-ish machine.

Postgres 8.4 / Admin / Termination • 8.0 -> select pg_cancel_backend(pid) • 8.4 -> select pg_terminate_backend(pid) Sunday, April 5, 2009 24. Postgres 8.4 / Dev / WITH • Common Table Expression (aka CTE, WITH queries) • Declare WITH before query • WITH computed once, before rest of query pagila=# with epic_films as RECOMMENDATION: PgAdmin-III should monitor pg_restore via a separate thread, not block on reading it. http://pgsql-admin.postgresql.narkive.com/AePl41Om/8-4-restore-parallel Postgres 8.4 / PSQL / Foreign Keys • Referencing tables now displayed in d pagila=# d store Table quot;public.storequot; Column | Type | Modifiers -------------------+--------------+---------------------------------- store_id | integer | not null

The buffers are setup in the Init routine. */ static void _StartDataCompressor(ArchiveHandle *AH, TocEntry *te) { lclContext *ctx = (lclContext *) AH->formatData; z_streamp zp = ctx->zp; #ifdef HAVE_LIBZ if (AH->compression < Postgres 8.4 / Admin / Column Privileges • You can now grant access to specific columns pagila=# grant select (first_name, last_name) on actor_info to amber; GRANT pagila=# set session authorization amber; Sunday, April 5, 2009 62. Sunday, April 5, 2009 21.

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed http://www.slideshare.net/xzilla/postgres-84-tutorial However, I get: pg_restore: [archiver] input file does not appear to be a valid archive I have done following operations: pg_dump -a -f db.txt dbname and: pg_restore -a -d dbname db.txt But "most flexible" does not necessarily means "most recommended". Postgres 8.4 / Admin / Add View Columns • Add new columns to view • Columns added to end of view • Use CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW syntax • bin/psql -U

We * actually allocate one extra byte because some routines want to append a * trailing zero byte to the zlib output. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Lets hunt around the menus. If no zlib * then just return. */ static void _EndDataCompressor(ArchiveHandle *AH, TocEntry *te) { #ifdef HAVE_LIBZ lclContext *ctx = (lclContext *) AH->formatData; z_streamp zp = ctx->zp; int res; if (AH->compression

You'd expect them to also be able to run it by deleting the \connect postgres line, but no, PgAdmin-III has silently wrapped the script in a transaction (!!) and so the Postgres 8.4 / Perf / Default Stats Target • default_statistics_target = 100 • removed from tuning guide! Many of the issues were with PgAdmin-III, but far from all of them.This post started out as a minor critique of a few usability sore points in Pg and PgAdmin-III. share|improve this answer answered Jun 14 '10 at 16:22 leonbloy 1,118817 1 [OT] I beg to differ regarding the "not recommended" status of the custom output format - the sentence

What are "-C" and "-1"? (Yes, of course, I know that, but the poor user doesn't, they bear no relationship whatsoever to the checkboxes they chose).RECOMMENDATION: PgAdmin-III should refuse to check Published in: Technology, Business 0 Comments 13 Likes Statistics Notes Full Name Comment goes here. 12 hours ago Delete Reply Spam Block Are you sure you want to Yes No Your I believe schema is the same.

Postgres 8.4 / Admin / Wait, there’s more! • Improved support for krb5, • report all queries involved in gssapi, sspi a deadlock error • Read only GUC segment_size • Database

Adjust path and PostgreSQL version to suit your install. Clicking on it does nothing. At least it has a header so file can tell it isn't just a tar archive.Recommendation: PgAdmin-III really should encourage a better file name convention like .pgbackup, associate its self with Instead, skip over * block headers until we find the one we want.

This is called from * StartData & StartBlob. Thankfully I didn't attempt to "open" the backup files (come on, that's pushing it a bit ;)) Anyhow, I'm trying to restore a .dump file and the help documents suggest using Postgres 8.4 / PSQL / Wait, there’s more! • Improved handling of long lines and tab characters • Better control of timing • Improved tab completion support for tables in multiple If you really want to help, even rewriting the "Restore" documentation page would go a long way.ReplyDeleteUnknownJuly 25, 2012 at 10:37 PMI just ran into the issue with locales as well.

Nope, that isn't it.Recommendation: PgAdmin-III's "restore" dialog should accept .sql files, offering to run them with psql and showing you the output in the messages window. Always. If this had been my first experience with PostgreSQL, I'd be a MySQL, MS-SQL or Oracle user now. This routine is * called for both BLOB and TABLE data; it is the responsibility of * the format to manage each kind of data using StartBlob/StartData. * * It should

On closer inspection, I think it's just that nobody thought very hard about presenting this limitation in a user-friendly fashion. We'll assume the user knows that PgAdmin-III is their primary (GUI, on Windows) interaction point for PostgreSQL because, frankly, if they can't find it in the Start menu they're way below If I'd had plperlu in my old DB, I'd still be up shit creek without a paddle.A different approachNow, imagine if we'd noticed the "Restore" context item on the postgres database pg_dump from the command line?

Postgres 8.4 / Admin / Explain Verbose • Now shows column output pagila=# explain analyze verbose select first_name, last_name, title from film_actor join actor using (actor_id) join film using (film_id); QUERY Postgres 8.4 / Admin / Statement Stats • Contrib Module, track statistics • load shared library in postgresql.conf, load schema in database • tracks per user, database, query pagila=# select pg_stat_statements_reset(); I really wish I could help with pgAdmin3 development but unfortunately I really dislike wxWidgets, and.. It doesn't seem worth * jumping through hoops to deal with that case better, because no such * files are likely to exist in the wild: only some 7.1 development *

This is not essential, as pg_restore can cope in most * cases without it; but it can make pg_restore significantly faster * in some situations (especially parallel restore). */ if (ctx->hasSeek The reason for the full path is that psql isn't on the PATH by default on Windows.psql isn't part of PgAdmin, they're completely separate.DeleteReplyKorridentJanuary 15, 2013 at 10:57 PMI have been Simple template.