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Perhaps his preferences should be respected when speaking to him, but not necessarily when speaking of him. I know many thousands of deaf people and have never met a deaf person who is mute. audiolaik, May 21, 2008 #34 JamesM à la Mod (English Only) Los Angeles, California English, USA audiolaik said: ↑ What about vocally challenged?Click to expand... I understand that many deaf people do not want to be called deaf-mutes. have a peek at this web-site

It is just my sloppiness! Eigenfunction, May 21, 2008 #40 Porteño Senior Member Buenos Aires British English Eigenfunction said: ↑ In my experience, politically correct terms usually last a few weeks before becoming either an innuendo That's not really the issue I think that's confusing people but rather the reasoning behind it's offense. Personally, I wouldn't use dumb because it has for a long time had negative connotations, but mute as far as I'm concerned has no such connotations and is the right word https://simple.wiktionary.org/wiki/dumb

A Person Who Cannot Hear

I know better than that! Jpayne1138 15:16, 14 July 2007 (UTC)jpayne1138 Possession of language[edit] Hi. The Encyclopedia of Islam, New Edition, Volume II: C–G.

If someone is dumb they can not say anything. They are not mute. If you can get a lot of support there, I'll reconsider. A Person Who Cannot Talk Is Called If we turned the tables and began throwing insulting terms at you, all the while claiming that we don't "intend" any offense, I think you might look at it a little

Which brings us back full circle as dumb has almost completely lost it's original meaning instead coming to mean stupid, which as far as I know only ever meant stupid. A Person Who Cannot Speak Properly Is Called I know better than that! Many people think that this use is offensive So it looks like it is also partly of the same sort as mute. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071128193118AAdfuU2 Also, it goes into how the name is offensive, but it doesn't talk about, well anything else really.

Since the accident, my grandfather has been unable to speak. Person Who Cannot Speak And Hear A little bird told me the thread is going to be closed...sooner then we think audiolaik, May 21, 2008 #39 Eigenfunction Senior Member England - English In my experience, politically But, again, it is almost never the case that a deaf person is incapable of speech. That what I just want to say.

A Person Who Cannot Speak Properly Is Called

Mute swan - sure I was mute with embarrassment - certainly The brain damage made my grandfather mute/a mute - for me, just doesn't compute. Need a background check? A Person Who Cannot Hear But when an editor disregards the feelings and opinions of an entire group of people who have the courage to stand up against words that are offensive to them, I have A Person Who Cannot Hear Is Called In that case, I would say "unable to speak".

EXPLORE OTHER CATEGORIES Art & Literature Beauty & Fashion Business & Finance Education Family Food Geography Government & Politics Health History Hobbies & Games Holidays & Celebrations Home & Garden Math To me, the source reads pretty clear-cut; it mentions nothing of these people speaking, but of them using a sign language and being able to write. See Terms of Use for details. Don't assume people can figure it out. A Person Who Cannot Walk

pp.21–51. It sounds like a bad singer. Last edited: May 21, 2008 audiolaik, May 21, 2008 #8 El escoces Senior Member Buenos Aires English - UK Pulling it all together, some of you might know the song "Pinball In that context I don't think we'd use either "mute" or "dumb", both of which these days usually refer to temporary speechlessness because of nerves, embarrassment etc.

The offensive thoughts will always be there. What Do You Call A Person Who Can't Speak I definitely wouldn't just call people "dumb" though. I think it would be "has been mute" as in "He has been mute since he suffered a stroke in September." I'm a slavish to political correctness, I'm afraid.

Due to their nature, they were often entrusted with confidential and delicate missions, including executions.[9][10] Deaf-muteness in art and literature[edit] Stephen King's novel, The Stand, features a main character named Nick

Stay logged in WordReference Forums Forums > English Only > English Only > WordReference.com Language Forums Forums Forums Quick Links Search Forums Recent Posts Members Members Quick Links Notable Members Registered I can't stand the phrase "does not speak" as it implies that I just don't want to. "can't speak" is clunky, and rather negative. After the accident, my grandfather lost the power of speech. Not Able To Speak From the standpoint of Deaf culture, however, the issue is immensely more complex.

BAS24, May 21, 2008 #25 JamesM à la Mod (English Only) Los Angeles, California English, USA El escoces said: ↑ To satisfy JamesM's reservations about "speech impaired", how about "speech deprived", xqby, May 21, 2008 #16 Loob Senior Member English UK xqby said: ↑ Since the accident, my grandfather has been a mute. For "inability to speak", see muteness. Thomas1, May 21, 2008 #5 El escoces Senior Member Buenos Aires English - UK I guess "speech-impaired" is more modern, more politically correct but in British English "dumb" and (if the

Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm bored by hates. What Do You Call a Person Speaking Only One Language? Some patients produce unrecognizable words or incomprehensible sentences.

National Association of the Deaf ^ Ladd, P. (2003). Such people communicate using sign language.[1] Some consider it to be a derogatory term if used outside its historical context; the preferred term today is simply "deaf".[2] It is sometimes used In regard to the article "doesn't talk about, well anything else really", please note that this is not the article on deafness, and I refer you again to that article for The law was never about deafness per se, but rather about the inability to educate such a person.[7][8] The Ottoman Sultans used people referred to as "congenital deaf-mutes" (called in Turkish

I don't think I'd say that either, xqby. Do you know what is the synonym of deaf-mute? Vimochan meaning in english?