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If you're having problems with methods timing out, you may want to change the values in this file. The TransferPage, DoModalPageGroup, and IsModalPageGroup functions cannot be used. Exposes a read-only property IUD with a type of string. Edits are subject to review by community moderators.

Example The following PeopleCode would exist in your notification process. Select Generate Java Template. I would vote for method 2, as that is much easier and flexible Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose carefully, this can't be changed) Yes | Note. http://peoplesoft.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/peoplesoft-hr-l/component-interface-error-3356361

Component Interface Peoplecode Example

Im Using Peopletools 8.48 for campus solutions Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose carefully, this can't be changed) Yes | No Saving... When creating a new component interface, you must save the component interface before the standard methods are created. Java: String getLabelLong() C++: LPTSTR CompIntfcPropertyInfo_GetLabelLong(HPSAPI_COMPINTFCPROPERTYINFO) COM: String LabelLong LabelShort This property returns the record field ShortName value as a string. For example, if the component has a field called SSN, you need to be sure that the SSN field is required before exposing it to the external system.

Example &PSMSGCOL = &SESSION.PSMessages; For &I = 1 to &PSMSGCOL.Count; &PSMESSAGE = &PSMSGCOL.Item(&I); /* do error processing */ End-For; Next Syntax Next() Description The Next method returns the next PSMessage object The component interface is object is instatiated with the resulting data from the component. In Application Designer, create an application package for each functional module using the naming convention _TYPES. There are two types of both methods and properties: standard and user-defined.

PeopleCode Event and Function Behavior PeopleCode events and functions that relate exclusively to GUI and online processing cannot be used by component interfaces. However, you might want to modify the Find keys—either to restrict a user from searching on a particular key or to add an alternate search key that didn’t exist when the Run-Time Considerations In many ways, accessing a component interface is functionally equivalent to working with an online component. NetworkServices Description This property is part of the SQL trace and sets the Network Services value.

When the InsertItem method is executed, if there are any RowInsert PeopleCode programs associated with any of the fields, they fire also, as if the user pressed ALT+7 and ENTER or The example below is for the USER_PROFILE delivered component interface to the USERMAINT component. The methods are discussed in alphabetical order. PeopleTools supports the Short Date Format specification (MDY, DMY, or YMD), and the Date separator setting.

Component Interface Peoplesoft

Note. Regional settings (that is, internationalization) for language, dates, times, and numbers. Component Interface Peoplecode Example It also covers business interlinks, application messaging, and a little application engine. Component Interface In Peoplesoft With Examples Scope of a Session object.

Component Interface Methods All component interfaces come with a standard set of methods: Cancel() Create() Find() Get() Save() This is a quick summary of what the delivered methods do: Cancel Cancels To generate a Visual Basic template for your component interface: Open the desired component interface definition in Application Designer. This method also resets the status of ErrorPending to False. You can also specify an alternate search record to be used when the component is accessed in Add mode.

C++ bindings in the form of C header files, with which you can compile executable programs. If a return value is sent, it is displayed in the title bar. When you run a component interface, the SearchInit, SearchSave, and RowSelect events don't fire. User-defined properties are the points where the component and the underlying database are exposed to the external system.

Java: String getCompIntfcName() C++: LPTSTR _GetCompIntfcName((HPSAPI_) COM: String GetCompIntfcName ComponentName Returns the name of the component interface class as named in PeopleSoft Application Designer. This closes the component interface and returns its created state. Whether you select this option depends on how you expect a particular component interface to be used and what you are currently testing.

For example, the following code finds all the data items where the employee ID starts with an "8": &MYCI.Emplid = "8"; &MYDC = &MYCI.Find(); This is analogous to using a partial

In a real production system, this parameter can significantly affect performance, but it makes little difference in the test component. ExplainText should be accessed only when necessary because it requires a second database read or application server roundtrip. Some basic validation is done when you leave the field, which is equivalent to leaving a field using the Tab key in the online case. Component Interface aaneal asked Oct 31, 2001 | Replies (78) We are considering using PeopleSofts component interface to write a java front end to some of the primary HR functions such

Select the Read-Only check box to make this property read-only. The template file is generated in the directory specified by the TEMP or TMP system environment variable on your client machine. Use these interfaces to call with other programming languages. Use these interfaces to call with other programming languages.

Build PeopleSoft API Bindings Dialog Box Usage Use this dialog box to build the dynamic link libraries, classes, and registry settings necessary to enable a third party application to communicate with The fields should be of the following types: Character Long character Number Signed number Date Time Datetime The field should be one of the following page control types: Edit box Drop-down When you add a Date field in a record definition, you indicate whether you want to display the century. Java: boolean getEditHistoryItems(), void setEditHistoryItems(boolean) C++: BOOL _GetEditHistoryItems(HPSAPI_), void_SetEditHistoryItems(HPSAPI_, BOOL) COM: Boolean EditHistoryItems InteractiveMode Controls whether to apply values and run business rules immediately, or whether items are queued and

I will say that we got a COM version of the external API working in the PeopleSoft University Integration Tools class (rel 8.12). RSA Conference View All Topics View All Members View All Companies Toolbox for IT Topics PeopleSoft Groups Ask a New Question PeopleTools A forum where peers share technical expertise, solve problems, When you instantiate a Component Interface object: All the PeopleCode programs associated with the record fields, pages, component, and so on, and The runtime component processor still perform all of the Component Interface Classes This chapter provides an overview of Component Interface class and discusses the following topics: Life cycle of a Component Interface.

The rest of the data is not present. This property is read-write. This parameter takes a string value. You might write your own Clone method.

We wrote some ASP code that gets data from PSFT as well as some JSP code that does the same thing. Component interface-based services need to import the CI library (which is provided with the registry) using this code: import HMCR_API2CI If you are using a DoService method, you need to declare Collections must have at least one child property that satisfies the field or page control criteria for providing the field by default. ComponentName when used by itself takes a string value.

At runtime, you can use PeopleCode to assign a value to that property (field), or to access the value of that field. &MYCI.RETURN_DT = "05/05/2000"; /* OR */ &DATE = &MYCI.RETURN_DT; Each individual method also needs to be provided security. Rod Rod Wright | Senior PeopleSoft Technical Consultant | 781-577-1587 | [email protected] | Nuvosoft, Inc. | http://www.nuvosoft.com Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose carefully, this can't I don't know if the project will convert if it doesn't compile, but I think there's a fighting chance.

On Error GoTo eMessage Dim oSession As Object Dim oPSMessage As Object Dim oBC As Object Set oSession = CreateObject("PeopleSoft.Session") oSession.Connect 1, "//PSSOFTO061998:7000", "PTDMO", "PTDMO", 0 ‘Application Specific Processing eMessage: If The properties are discussed in alphabetical order. tushar_chury replied Mar 3, 2006 This is a class path issue.